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Huge Original Lyrical Pony Fan Song Post [Oct. 26th, 2012|08:24 pm]
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So, lately. I have been listening to a lot of My Little Pony music. No, not the official songs in the Friendship is Magic cartoon, not songs from old cartoons either. I mean, fan pony songs, completely original pony-themed songs made my fans of the show.

Amateur, fan-made music done entirely from scratch is just.. really interesting and cool to me?? It's super great to see what people some up with, what kind of sounds they use, what kind of voice and tone and lyrics they choose, I love it. I'm going to go as far as to say that listening to all of this original music has actually made me more interested in music, like, REALLY looking at it and analyzing it and enjoying it, than I ever have been before. Good job, ponies.

Anyway, here is a big ol post on a bunch of my favorite original pony songs I've collect in my Youtube playlist, and why I like them. ENJOY!!!

Awoken: H8 Seed + Wooden Toaster

This is the first one on my pony playlist, and I'm honestly not too sure why I like it! It's different from the normal sort of music I like, I don't normally care for darker stuff, but something about it is nice to listen to. The singing is highly edited but it's actually some of the better singing in pony music, in terms of just singing the lyrics well. The lyrics flow pretty well too in a lot of places. I will be mentioning wordflow a lot, so yeah.

"Now everything that I've had
And everything I've known have been thrown away"

These particular lines I like a lot, the "own" sound repeated is nice, and it matches the "know" and "chrome" in the previous lines too, and in "home" in the next line: "And with time, I've come to find this isn't my home". I also like that line, the "time" and "find" seem to fit very well together.

All in all, a pretty nice song to listen to, and it's like, hardly connected to pony, haha, which to me is a downside because I like ridiculously pony-themed songs. It's apparently related to Rainbow Factory, which is a popular one, but I don't really care for Rainbow Factory very much.

Love Me Cheerilee: Wooden Toaster + The Living Tombstone

This here is probably one of my favorite original pony songs. There are some I may like better or just as much, but I'd give this one the award for being near perfect for what it is, a pony fan song. It's really cute, upbeat, and fun, with a silly theme. It's just great! Lyrics are quite good as well, though some of the lines are a bit off to me. "I don't want you to tell me" always felt strange to me, I think some of the lines could be a bit more understandable in their phrasing. A poppy song like this should be easy to sing to, though the rest of the song does a good job with that.

There's a few dubstep elements in this song, and I'm not a big fan of the genre, but this one keeps it to a minimum. It doesn't sound entirely out of place. Dubstep usually sounds a bit too "harsh" for more upbeat songs like this, but it does it's job and doesn't feel like it's interrupting the song. Some (as I call it) drive-by dubstep parts can sound really jarring in songs, but not so much here.

Overall, really, really fun song, and I've been DYING to hear more like it, though not to much avail. C'mon song ponies, make more fun and catchy ones, that's what pony is about!

Fruits of Her Labor: StormWolf + Wooden Toaster

This one is ALMOST there. I like listening to it and it's a very well-made song, but it has some problems similar to the things I mentioned above. I want to say what I LIKE about this song, since I like it a lot! But the problem is, the things that are good about it are ALSO the things that are problematic about it.

First, I really like the theme of this song too. It's cute and fun! It's about a pony called Cherry Jubilee who works hard to grow cherries and bring smiles to all the ponies. What's not cute and fun about that?

Second, I love the intense feel of this song. I like the beats and how.. wait, intense? That doesn't seem right. And that's just my problem with this song. It SOUNDS so cool throughout, but the way it sounds doesn't really match it's theme very much. The chorus starting with "From caring hooves" has such.. nice sounding lyrics? About something happy, yet it sounds so intense with the highly auto-tuned voice, I'd almost say it's edging on "dark" in parts of it.

The song even starts on a bubbly sounding tune, but once the voice starts it kinda slips into this hasrher tone.
"Cherry Jubilee
Look out onto the field and see
The fruits of your labour sprout in perfect array

Green stems harden into brown
Roots take hold in the ground
To bring smiles to those close and away"

These verses here all sound fairly happy, more suitably so than the "From caring hooves" and after line I mentioned before.

So, I like the song a lot, and it's got great lyrics and everything, but it's just the strange mis-matched nature of this one that keeps it from being one of my top favorites. Perhaps a more peppy tone of voice could have really helped it.

Good ol' Days: The Living Tombstone, Mic the Microphone, Jackleapp

Speaking of happy songs that actually SOUND happy, there's this one! It's silly, it's fun, and the dubstep sounds in it are pretty fitting and not too harsh. (If you think there is a lot of dubstep in these songs then you haven't tried looking for pony songs before. I have been AVOIDING most of it. Like you don't even know.)

Hilariously too, it's another pony song you would never guess was about ponies until you hear "hooves in the sand" in just ONE line. Throughout the song, the singing is pretty good. No real problems as far as I can tell. I also really like the chorus (Starting with "walk with me"). The chorus itself is actually borrowed from another pony song, but honestly I like how they used/sang it here a lot better. The lyrics don't have super great flow anywhere, and some odd trip ups like in "Everything's the same over again", where it sounds a bit rushed, but otherwise good.

Basically it's just a fun song with a lot of happy sounds and catchy lyrics, good pony song.

Bolts and Rainbow: Miu

If you haven't heard Miu before, you are MISSING OUT. This is a beautiful song, I love it so much. It sounds professional, which while most of my pony music picks sound good too, still have sort of an amateur feel to the singing. But this girl is seriously pro. It's kind of tricky to sing along with, but gosh dang it's so pretty.

"It's tonight, can't turn back, set all the pose
Dim the lights, hold your breath, keep it all in flow
Feel the beat of your heart, take it all inside
I'll make you realize that it's me all this time"

I love LOVE the pickup during these verses, it just sounds really STRONG. It's a great uplifting song and the lyrics fit the tone of the music perfectly. It's about Rainbow Dash looking up to the Wonderbolts and dreaming of being one of them some day, and it fits it so well. Some parts are more calm like idle dreaming, and other parts really pick up to full-on inspirational. Just, really well done, and her singing is amazing. Her other songs are great too, so I highly reccomend checking out her channel, this one is just my favorite.

Picture Perfect Pony: Mandopony

"You're going to love what you see." THIS SONG. This is a GOOD. PONY. SONG. Like, just fantastic. It's catchy, it's got really fun lyrics, and it's, well, pony. Very pony.

The theme is super fun, and I especially love this song because Photo Finish is one of my favorite side-chaarcters. And boy does it ever fit her. I love how the singer matches Photo Finish's general "tone" in his voice despite being a male singer, so it's really beleivable that the song is in her perspective. There's a version of this song where someone sings in a voice that sounds almost exactly like the character, but it's just not as good.

Also, the lyrics are GREAT too. my favorite line is probably:

"And why would you run away?
It's everypony's dream
To be a star in outer space,
Where no pony hears you scream"

There's loads of more really clever lyrics in the song as well, so definitely give it a listen, or two, or three. It gets slightly repetetive but that's the only minor thing I can think that could possibly be a downside to it. Fun all-around.

Daring Mare: H8 Seed

Hey another one by H8 Seed, and this one is pretty good! Mostly I prefer the music in this one to the singing, but it's also fine too. Not a ton to say about this one really, but I like it and listen to it fairly often, and you might like it too!

Appleloosa: Steven, A.D.

This one is a bit slow and relaxed, but somehow I like it! The chorus sounds really nice, and I love the wordflow.

Canterlot can't hold a candle to ya
We're on our way!
Our train treads tracks as it fades away."

That there is probably my favorite part of the chorus, it just flows really well. The rest of the song in-between the chorus is very rappy, but I like all the good lines and rhymes and stuff in it. It's just a cute, catchy, chill song to listen to.

Discord: Eurobeat Brony (The Living Tombstone's Remix)

My favorite version of this song. The original is.. a bit too eurobeat for me. But this one is really great and fun to listen to. Lyrics are good, well-written, nice rhymes, etc. Guess not much to say about it either, but I enjoy it a lot!

Song for an Earth Pony: Replacer

Another really pretty song, this one is just great. I am SO glad Griffin introduced me to Replacer's work, because he does darn good. It's a long song, but it keeps interesting the entire way through. The singing is very good, with no weird lyrics trip-ups as far as I can tell. It's a soft and relaxing song, with a somewhat sad theme of unrequitted love.

I also love the sound of it all around, its got cool low beats and higher pitched instruments and piano. The piano is just great. I am pretty horrible at describing music apparently, but I really just like it. The musical interludes without lyrics in the song are all lovely and don't get boring. It's as if the song goes through multiple trains of thought, but still keeps in the same theme.

Definitely give it a listen, along with his other songs. I also reccomend "Cerulean Blue" if you want a pretty fun song about Rainbow Dash. But Song for an Earth Pony is definitely my favorite and I've had it on repeat for like a week.

E48: SoGreatandPowerful

Where do I even start with this one. Just. Listen to it and watch the video with it because it's amazing.

The song is, as the title implies, about episode 48: "Hurricane Fluttershy", and it does a really good job matching up to the episode. The singing is calm, and the music goes from sounding really soft to pretty instense with the piano.

My absolute FAVORITE part is at 2:05 to pretty much the end. The piano really excentuating the feeling os spinning, the way it matched up to the video, the buildup to the 800 mark, it's just really, really good. I also really enjoy from about 1:07 on, when she's doing her best to fly, and then how it goes into that really cool sound at 1:24, kind of strange and surreal sounding, like the eyes appearing around her.

SoGreatandPowerful is one of my favorite pony music artists, and you can probably tell because I'm featuring another one of his next.

E36 (Sofas and Quills): SoGreatandPowerful

If you like etheral, strange, overall weird songs that could be interpreted many ways, then you'll like Sofas and Quills. Read the video description of it for more on the meanings and dedications made in this one, it's pretty cool to see what inspires interesting songs like this.

It's hard to really say a whole lot on this one just because of how it is, but I love it!

The Gypsy Bard - Extended: Griffin Lewis, Lenich, Kirya, Jenny Nicholson

Time for the end of this post, but ending on something silly! The extended version of The Gypsy Bard, of Friendship is Witchcraft fame. What could be mroe fun than wonderfully flowing, catchy music with weird depressing undertones? These guys' writing never fails to impress.


I hope you all enjoyed that post! I've had a lot of fun listening to and collecting these songs, so I maybe you'll find something you like as well.


[User Picture]From: zarla
2012-11-03 09:24 pm (UTC)

Dang there's a riff in the middle of Good Ol Days that's taken from somewhere else but I can't place it right now, this is gonna drive me nuts
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: momogirl12345
2012-11-03 11:39 pm (UTC)
do you mean the chorus? thats the only thing i know taken from another song (with permission), but maybe there is more!

yay im glad you liked the post
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: zarla
2012-11-04 06:48 am (UTC)
Nah it's the little noodly riff at 1:40, or at least the beginning part of it. I'm sure it's from a game but I can't think of which one. :o I HAVE TOO MUCH GAME MUSIC

hahaha i love how eurobeat the original discord song is, so good

edit - I THINK I'VE GOT IT it's the town theme from the nes Willow game! or at least that's what it reminds me of

Edited at 2012-11-04 07:04 am (UTC)
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